Dental Exam

Our primary focus is keeping your teeth and gums healthy with preventative dentistry, starting with a dental exam. One way we can ensure this is by taking the correct action and steps through preventative care.

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Prevention Matters

Preventative care is the cornerstone of dentistry at Hurlbut Dental. We believe that preventing dental issues is far easier than treating them for both the patient and provider.

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A Preventative Dental Exam at Hurlbut Dental includes

  • A check for cavities, infection, gum health, cracked teeth, and more
  • A routine dental cleaning every six months
  • An oral cancer screening with every cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment in children and adults as needed
  • Teeth grinding evaluation
  • Sealants

Dental Cleaning

Our hygienists work hard to provide a thorough cleaning to get rid of any plaque or unwanted debris from your teeth and gums. We will evaluate the gums and periodontal health of the dentition at each visit to determine if the patient will receive a routine cleaning for healthy dentition or if there is evidence of periodontal disease, which would require intervention with scaling and root planing.

Dental exams are recommended at least twice a year and will improve and maintain your oral health.

At Hurlbut Dental, we love helping our patients learn to take excellent care of their teeth. We know that flossing can easily become an afterthought but having this routine in your life will pay off as you age.

The better routines you have for flossing and brushing the fewer oral issues you will have down the road.

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